What Were The Most-Discussed Posts On The Pot Over 2010-2012?

What topics have roused the most ire, focus and discussion over the last couple of years on the Melting Pot?

Well, whilst I’m off on holiday, here’s a look at the posts that have attracted the most comments over the years! As with yesterday’s post, this excludes guides and things that really aren’t interesting any more, but otherwise, here’s the lowdown on what got everyone talking.

Interestingly, there were no roundup or counterpoint posts in this list, unlike yesterday’s – instead, all the discussion was caused by single posts, either written by or featured on the Pot:

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at what the Pot authors themselves have to say! Yes, since various people have said they’d like us to write more from our own perspectives, we’re doing a rundown of some of our favourite Pot editorials.