What Does Everyone Think of GW2’s One-Time Halloween Event?

Guild Wars 2 has been running a Halloween event. So far, so usual. However, they’ve decided to do something rather remarkable with it.

It’s a one-time affair.

Yes, if you weren’t online at noon on Sunday, you’ll never see the Mad King erupt out of the Lion Fountain – at least, not until next year. Where many MMO companies would have had his appearance happening on the hour, every hour, for all of October, in Arena.net’s world, if you blinked, you missed it.

So what did Guild Wars 2’s blogger community think of the whole thing?

  • Ravious felt that the entire thing worked, and made the event feel special” Understandably, everybody will not be able to participate in every momentary occasion. That is just the way of things, and I think it’s premature and silly to decry the existence of any one-such occasion whether it’s a 30 seconds long cut scene, a 2-days long act, or in the case of the Halloween event, almost two weeks. “
  • MMO Gamer Chick felt that it was a really bad idea, and unfair to many players“Come on, people, we’re living and gaming in an international community! There’s also conflicts and unforeseen circumstances that can always pop up! Crap happens! When you know full well that everyone and their mother is going to want to participate, why still consider one-shot events?”
  • Meanwhile, Zubon comments on other areas of the holiday event, finding the jumping puzzle in particular significantly less than awesome“Begin your mix with every problem caused by character models and camera movement. Add in a map with lots of spinning, with ups and downs, so the camera will definitely be moving around things and objects will be between the camera and your character. Add in a time limit.”
  • And if you missed the Mad King and want to see what all the fuss was about, you can choose from a Youtube recap or White Charr’s rather nifty animated GIFs.

What do you think of the idea of one-time events in MMOs?