Weekend Roundup: WoW

The world of WoW blogging is interesting right now. Whilst you might have expected it to be filled with tales of endgame raiding and hardcore theorycrafting, instead it seems that Blizzard’s mission to diversify WoW’s activities has really worked. People are discussing story, they’re discussing pet battles, and all sorts of things. It’s very interesting and very spread out.

Here are some of the most interesting or entertaining posts from the weekend:

  • Garrosh Hellscream has ended up in Karazhan, and he’s taking the opportunity to put on a show! Well, two, actually – if you’ve got some time and fancy a parody, check out West Azeroth Story and the Roshy Horror Picture Show
  • Typhoon Andrew looks back at this day over his last five years of blogging“It didn’t break the economy at all, in fact I’d say that they folks buying this thing now for real money are the folks who want it themselves. Crisis averted.”
  • The Godmother looks forward to the next patch, and finds herself worried in character at the way events are turning“Have no lessons been learnt from the war in Northrend at all? Apparently not, because I’m being told now I’m expected to ‘valiantly defend an outpost’ I think is both badly considered and frankly unacceptable on a continent with such a rich cultural diversity.”
  • And The Grumpy Elf is, frankly, bouncing with excitement at what the datamining from 5.1 is revealing (warning, spoilers)- ” Blizzard is really making sure that mists takes warcraft to the next level. Old game be damned, it feels new again, new with excitement. Lets hope these quicker patches keep coming and the story keeps rolling out with the intensity that 5.1 seems to be bringing with it.”

How’s MoP for you, three weeks in? Are you raiding hardcore or doing something else?