The Final Verdict: How Was Guild Wars 2’s Halloween?

It’s no secret now that Guild Wars 2’s first new content has broken the mould in all sorts of ways, including an ambitious, one-time event. But how did it go?

With Halloween yesterday, we’ve had plenty of opinions from bloggers on whether succeeded – and the answer seems to be “mostly, yes” –

  • Syp gives a comprehensive overview of the events of GW2 Halloween, from the Mad King’s Eruption to the infamous jumping puzzle“While it wasn’t perfect — more on that in a bit — it was an impressive chunk of content that combined new locations, really awesome art, different game mechanics, and lots of rewards.”
  • Entombed looks at the questions that Halloween raises for Guild Wars, from RNG items in real-money cash stores to, again, That Jumping Puzzle“There are a lot of complaints flying around about this puzzle because of the difficulty and the design. Many players believe Holiday events should be for everyone, and the fact that only a minority of players can complete it, makes the content somehow tainted. “
  • And finally, Azuriel argues that the one-time-event nature of the Mad King’s eruption was ultimately pointless“ArenaNet could have looped the Mad King event like they loop everything else and it still would have been exactly as meaningful for those first players as it is now. Every moment is a one-time event.”

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