Support an Indie MMO, Sandbox your WoW, and more

A quiet day today – everyone’s busy raiding, perhaps? But that gives us time to showcase a project we’re very keen on – plus more great posts:

  • We’ve been following the indie MMORPG project “Project Gorgon” by the Elder Game guys for a while, so we should mention that they’re currently running a Kickstarter to take it to the next stage“Think Asheron’s Call crossed with EverQuest crossed with NetHack.”
  • Bronte surveyed her readers, asking whether they’d advise starting Guild Wars 2 or The Secret World, and she shares the results“I received a ton of a comments, and although GW2 seemed to be winning earlier, TSW has seemed to creep up in the number of recommendations. “
  • Hunter’s Insight hates the letters you receive in Guild Wars 2 from completed Hearts, and they explain why that is“These letters could have been an opportunity to extend lore, get a good laugh, make the world seem larger than it really is. Instead they’re boring, hit all the same notes, practically form letters.”
  • Evlyxx gives us a really useful tip on how to create a “sandbox” WoW installation“Now I could have copied my entire World of Warcraft folder to a new location and it DOES work but I will show you a way that saves you space on your HDD and will save you from having to repeat the process everytime a patch hits WoW. “
  • And Lodur gives his impressions of the first couple of days’ MoP raiding under the new healing mechanics” Do not expect your healers to babysit you anymore, we can no longer heal stupid. You are responsible for your own survival as much as the healers, please accept your PSR. “

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