RIFT: Storm Legion Reactions Roundup

There’s a new expansion coming to RIFT, and by all accounts, it’s going to be a doozy.

Trion, makers of RIFT, have been actively reaching out to bloggers to give them a preview of the new expansion – and here’s what they thought:

  • MMO Gamer Chick was extremely impressed by the graphics, the dungeons, and the highly customisable new housing system“I actually thought of the Sims at one point, and considering what a big fan I am of the building and decorating capabilities in those games, I definitely mean it as a compliment. Can you imagine the potential for roleplayers? For everyone? My mind is swimming with the possibilities.”
  • Keen was generally intrigued by what he saw of the new expansion“Storm Legion definitely makes the Rift experience more enjoyable. I think Trion has come a long way. Rift is still a themepark, though, and by its very nature going to be compared to World of WarCraft and other themeparks. While providing a very similar experience, what Rift has going for it is a smaller community. “
  • Ravious looked at the expansion, most impressed by the new quest designs, and particularly the Dimensions housing system, once again“One player had built a ship out of individual parts such as tables, boards, and bed rolls. Another player decided to go Alice in Wonderland with strange plants, upside-down rooms, and hidden paths. There were jumping puzzles. Fashion design runways. My mind was blown at the dimensions the players had created in a mere weekend.”
  • And in related news, Azuriel picked up on one comment of Keen’s, and decided to discuss the idea that the smaller community of RIFT was one of its biggest selling points“Fewer people means less of an audience for trolling, more reliance on social contacts to get things done, which probably all contributes to a Cheers-esque atmosphere. Or at least a “we’re in this foxhole together” atmosphere.”

Are you planning a return to RIFT for its expansion?