Report: Is Project Gorgon, Ultra-Indie MMORPG, Actually Fun?

An MMORPG made by just two people. Sound impossible? Well, the team of 2 at Elder Game have been working on their MMORPG, Project Gorgon, for a while now, and it seems like the impossible is happening – it’s coming together as a full-scale MMORPG.

But there’s one important question: is it fun?

Intrepid reporter Yeebo Fernbottom wanted to find out, so he delved into the Project Gorgon pre-alpha – and what he found was unlike any other MMORPG out there

“In the room was a cot with an open book next to it. When I read the book I learned three new recipes. Two for mycology, and one for a new skill: Alchemy. One of the mycology recipes was for spore bombs, consumables that can be used for a powerful (at least in the area I’m messing around in) AoE attack. The other is for spore flakes, an item that is one of four ingredients for the alchemy recipe I learned. Also nearby were some empty flasks. When I later found a pond I was able to fill them with water, giving me another of the four ingredients. Skeletons drop dust, a third ingredient. All I am missing now is sugar, and I honestly have no idea where that is found. The alchemy recipe is for a drug that will give me a some sort of stat boost, but become addictive if I use it too much. I can’t wait to see what it actually does.

I am one or two hours in to the pre-alpha and Project: Gorgon has already given me a more unique and intriguing experience than most of the MMOs I’ve tried in the last few years. This game with decent graphics and animations would be an absolute winner. Mechanically it’s already as good as anything else out, and brings a ton of innovation to the table. I really hope the kickstarter hits its goal.”

It’s really starting to look like Eric and Sandra, the brains behind Gorgon, aren’t just going to succeed in making an MMORPG, but succeed in making something genuinely innovative. I’m getting steadily more excited by this project.

What do you think? Can Project Gorgon compete in the crowded MMO market?