Quick-Read Tactics: Gate of the Setting Sun Heroic – Saboteur Kip’tilak, Striker Ga’dok, Commander Ri’mok and Raigonn

by on October 1, 2012

Every new expansion has an obligatory creepy-insect dungeon, and Mists Of Pandaria is no exception. The Gate of the Setting Sun instance sees you battling through hordes of insectile Mantids, from Saboteur Kip’tilak to Striker Ga’dok, and then from Commander Ri’mok to the mighty Raigonn. If you’re struggling to tell your mandible from your Mutilate, let MMO Melting Pot help you out. Our quick-read strategies give you exactly what you need to conquer the Gate of the Setting Sun: no big walls of text, just the facts.

If there’s someone else in your group who isn’t certain about the tactics either, click in the text box below each boss to auto-select a single line of tactics, checked so it’ll fit into party chat. CTRL+C or Cmd+C on a Mac to copy it, go back into WoW, start Party Chat, and CTRL+V or Cmd+V to paste all the tactics your group needs!


Saboteur Kip’tilak

  • Try and avoid lines of fire.
  • If you get Sabotage, you’ll start shooting fire north, south, east and west – try and use this to detonate other bombs.
  • At 33% and 66% he’ll blow loads of stuff up – healers be warned.

Copy-pasteable tactics for Party Chat (click to select all):

Striker Ga’dok

  • Stay together, move away from adds’ AOE.
  • Move out of fire but don’t get split from the group.

Copy-pasteable tactics for Party Chat (click to select all):

Commander Ri’mok

  • Tank kite boss out of green slime.
  • Tank get out of front cone when he does frenzy.
  • Tank pick up the adds and AOE them down.

Copy-pasteable tactics for Party Chat (click to select all):


Phase 1

  • Tank take the adds
  • DPS use the cannon to get on to the boss’s head and attack the Weak Spot. Clear adds when knocked off, then get back on.

Phase 2

  • Fixated player should kite
  • stay away from Stomp.
  • DPS and continue to handle adds.

Copy-pasteable tactics for Party Chat (click to select all):

That’s it. Good luck!

If you’ve got any additions to our useful tactics, let us know in the comments! Please do share these guides with your friends and guildies – and if you encounter a new player who’d benefit from reading the guides, point them in this direction too.

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