Political Candidate Attacked for Playing WoW – What Do Bloggers Think?

Colleen Lachowicz is a Democrat candidate for Maine State Senate, and a WoW player – a fact that the US Republican Party have chosen to attack her for.

Are WoW players suitable for public office? Of course they bloody are. But is there more to this issue than just a Level 85 Rogue? Several bloggers have written about this issue in the last day or so:

  • Rowan Blaze, who says up until now he has largely voted Republican, roundly criticises the smear campaign“Sixty-five percent (65%) of households in the U.S. include gamers, and 75% of American gamers are old enough to vote. Sounds like middle America, just the votes we’re looking for.”
  • Scott Jennings is actively looking to donate to Ms Lachowicz’s campaign, although he does find her choice of spec questionable“Note that the Maine GOP feels it necessary to remind everyone that the world of Azeroth does not actually exist, yet then continues to attack Lachowicz for anti-social behavior in said fantasy world.”
  • Tobold digs into the issues behind the campaign, looking at the charges of inappropriate language in a political debate“Apparently Colleen Lachowicz used the same tone and style you would find on a World of Warcraft forum for discussing her political opponents on a political forum.”
  • And Bronte links a great rant about the positive value of games in peoples’ lives“You look at video games, and all you can see is noise and guns. What you don’t see is creative problem solving, critical thinking, moral choices, conflict resolution, relationship building, cause and effect, drama, comedy, tragedy, learning opportunities, fantastic stories, the rewards of overcoming adversity, attention to detail, music appreciation, understanding different perspectives, and more concepts and situations that run the gamut of all human experiences.”

Personally, I wish we were seeing more gamers seeking public office. Problem-solving skills, conflict resolution ability ( in multiplayer games ) AND some actual familiarity with modern technology and the Internet? Yes, please.

What do you think about all this?