MMO Design Roundup: Types of Fun, Ultimate Sandbox, Rewards Are Bad

If you’re interested in the way MMORPGs are designed, you’ll be interested in our roundup today, as we look at some of the best posts of the last week looking at the deeper elements behind your favourite MMOs…

  • Spinks writes a great piece looking at types of fun in MMORPGs“I would argue that WoW offers all four keys, although the Serious Fun aspect of the game felt stronger back in TBC, and you have to look for the Hard Fun via Challenge Modes, Arenas, and hard mode raids, or making up your own difficult achievements. “
  • “My Ideal MMO” posts are pretty common, but veteran MMO blogger Keen’s vision of a very Minecraft-sounding idealised sandbox was both interesting and, I thought, quite plausible – “Gear would be important, but dieing would mean losing your gear and using it would degrade it anyway. It needs to be like the medieval times when there could be a special sword you value, but if you lose it you can pick up most any other sword and still be able to fight because YOU are the weapon.”
  • And Rowan Blaze looks at the counterintuitive way that attaching rewards to fun activities (like dailies) can actually diminish the fun for all involved” If I am doing something for fun and relaxation—say, gardening—then it is a hobby. If I am doing it for some other reason—say, to feed my family and keep clothes on my back—then it is farming, and work. “

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