Mistakes, MoP Hints, and “WoW Isn’t Cool Anymore”

Oh noes! A journalist has decided WoW is no longer cool!

Plus, an uber-helpful post for Mists, ranting about game developers and digital downloads:

  • The Godmother considers the age of digital downloads, and wonders just how many MoP owners will actually get around to playing it“. This makes me wonder: how many people will download the game but never end up playing it? I’m betting far more than would make the effort to walk to a shop or order online: I’ve still not made it past the loading screen with GW2 simply because I don’t possess enough hours in the day.”
  • Elliot Lefebre rants about game developers’ attitude to problems in their games, and recommends a more straightfoward approach“; I’m just used to hearing spiels about how revolutionary a game is going to be and how many options it will give players and so on and so forth that I just ignore a good chunk of it. When the game comes out and launches with about half of what was promised, I am thus pleased. A really good game gets up to about 65%.”
  • We don’t normally link guides – but The Grumpy Elf’s Helpful MoP Hints post is so broad-ranging and so comprehensive we had to” Even someone like me that loves to quest can get easily overwhelmed. Where to go and what to do and which ones are worth it can really be hard to decide on. Not to mention some of the ones you might want to do don’t seem to be there. What is an elf to do?”
  • And Typhoon Andrew covers Wired’s announcement that WoW is no longer cool with all due seriousness“The point made about wow being “Golf for Geeks” might be true for a smattering of people thinking it might make a difference to a job or a social niche, but any golf player can detect a newbie or a pretender, and so can a gamer.”

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