GW2 Dying? Best MMOs yet to come? Plus, a PSA

With the rush of MMOs this year – and many more expansions to come still – you could be forgiven for feeling a bit confused about the MMO world right now.

So today’s posts aim to help us all out – whether by looking at great MMOs still to come, answering the question of whether some of the current ones are dying, or just reminding you not to spend money you don’t want to lose…

  • Green Armadillo writes a very useful PSA for anyone who has an Annual WoW Pass and might want to end it some time soon“A reasonable person, such as myself or Wilhelm might reasonably have assumed paying for the second installment back in April insured that our commitments were met. Blizzard has chosen to interpret this commitment to mean that you cannot withdraw consent for recurring billing until the expiration of your pass term. “
  • The Grumpy Elf writes a zone-by-zone review of the much-maligned MoP daily hubs“I love doing the klaxxi area and it is one of the hubs I can see myself doing long after exalted if I have the time and am looking for something to do. “
  • Syp looks over the Next Generation of MMORPGs still to be released“I grew to appreciate EQII quite a lot (sigh… another title I wish I had time to be playing these days), and I know that SOE is going to want to put their best efforts toward their flagship product. Smedley’s promised that this will be a great sandbox to help sooth the wounds left by the closure of SWG, but we’ll see.”
  • And Tobold asks the question – with play time dropping, is Guild Wars 2 dying?” Thus after a few weeks of understanding “oh, this is how this works in Guild Wars 2″ everybody gets to a phase where he realizes that doing hearts in GW2 isn’t actually *that different from the questing we’ve already been doing for a decade, or that the PvP isn’t actually that different from the PvP we’ve been doing for a decade.”*

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