Guild Wars 2 This Week: Events – Good or Bad? Plus more

Is Guild Wars 2 dying? Hell, no. Indeed, looking at the enduring popularity of the game in the blogosphere, I’d say that two months in it has solidly established itself as the #2 MMO out there, behind only World of Warcraft – and that’s with a recent WoW expansion.

This week, we’ve got a great class summary – which I must admit I’m partially featuring in the hopes it’ll persuade people to write more similar guides – some discussion of the pros and cons of dynamic events, and a quick look at the holiday event that’s happening right now…

  • Syp takes a look at the Halloween event, from the gameplay to the awesome atmosphere” It’s awesome to see this as ArenaNet’s first big update, and it’s quite sizable, if scattered and somewhat hard to suss out where to go to experience all of the new stuff.”
  • Syl writes a hearty defence of Guild Wars 2’s dynamic events system, comparing the gameplay it produces to that of last year’s megahit RPG Skyrim“I don’t want to be on time for all the dynamic events in GW2. I want to be early and too late, so that when I am on time at last the scenery will take my breath away.”
  • Zubon writes a really excellent summary of how Elementalists feel to play – if you’ve been considering this class at all, I’d strongly advise giving this one a read“You will love this class if you draw satisfaction from seeing others succeed. You will hate this class if you play a lot of underwater content, if you compare your damage to others, or if you need to see the big numbers on your screens rather than the combo effects telling you they are on others’ screens.”
  • And Spinks takes a contrarian view of Guild Wars 2’s big events, saying it’s very hard to take them seriously“It is very typical of the GW2 experience that you might run off to pick vegetables in the middle of a boss fight. Even though you know perfectly well the veg will still be there afterwards, because all material nodes are shared.”

How’s Guild Wars 2 treating you – or tricking you – this week?