Glitch, Gorgon, and Pirate101 – Lesser Known MMO Update

In the mass of uber-MMOs out there, it’s easy to forget the smaller games. And yet, they’ve often got the most novel, interesting, or adventurous ideas.

Here are three games, and four bloggers, taking a very different direction to the MMO masses:

  • Doone raves about the extremely unusual, almost entirely non-violent MMO Glitch, which he’s been playing and loving“The game makes interacting with others very easy and desirable for the player. As a result, the playerbase is extremely friendly and even mature. Since the game thrives on positive interactions, negative ones are relatively rare. Players cooperate and enjoy doing it.”
  • Elder Game’s Kickstarter for Project Gorgon is almost at a close, and isn’t going too well, so contribute now if you’re going to – Eric updates us on that and other elements of development in his uber-indie MMO“With the influx of players, we’ve been able to find a bunch of tech issues, content bugs, and stuff that was just really confusing. This stream of data is really valuable, and we’re trying to make the most of it!”
  • Tipa reviews the new game from the makers of Wizard 101, Pirates 101, giving a thorough overview after two weeks’ play“Still, once past that questionable opening, the game is fun enough, proving a lot of direction, tactical battles without too much choice at first, simple ship-to-ship combat, and easy grouping with friends and strangers to take on more difficult foes.”
  • And Heather Raven also looks at Pirates 101, asking who exactly it’s designed for“But what really gets me about Pirate101 is the contradictory nature of the game. It’s pirates, for the family. When you think of it logically, it doesn’t make much sense; pirates steal and kill and break many international laws, and “family friendly” indicates that some morals will be upheld and not many people die in horribly brutal ways.”

Any smaller MMOs catching your eye lately?