Funky Bacon For America! Plus group size and more

Between EVE’s own council, the ongoing debate and occasional organised lobbying in the world of MMORPGs, we’re getting more political by the day. But could MMORPG players do a better job than our actual politicians? One blogger’s arguing so. Plus, two fascinating posts on the basis of MMORPGs – playing together.

  • Nozy Gamer suggests that some of the top journalists, podcasters and debate moderators in the EVE community would have done a lot better than certain better-known debate moderators“Am I idealizing the jobs not only these three but the entire Eve podcasting and radio community do? Perhaps. But I still maintain the hobbyists who are learning on the job still do a better job than the trained professionals.”
  • Tobold looks at the way that limited group sizes result in an exclusion-happy MMO environment“. That is more or less the principle behind Guild Wars 2 events: Any help is welcome! If you would add a 6th character with 10k dps to your existing 5-man group where everybody else does 20k, the added character would still help, not hinder the rest of the group.”
  • And Zubon considers the spectrum of alt-friendliness to alt-unfriendliness in modern MMOs“I have been calling this alt-friendliness, but in a broader view, this is easy grouping. Alt-friendliness means not needing an alt to play with your friend’s alt. “

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