Farewell to City of Heroes – and What’s Next?

Efforts to save it have failed. City Of Heroes will die – and soon.

Some bloggers are thinking about their next move, and how they can best preserve their friendships and the CoH experience. Others are just taking a moment to remember what they’re losing.

We’re featuring one of each today.

Dusty Monk has been playing City of Heroes for many years – and in a surprisingly affecting post today, he takes us through the heroes he’s played and remembers most fondly from his time in CoH

” Like most people that played City of Heroes, I came and went from the game over the years. And though I played many archetypes and characters, Hellbent remains my favorite. She was a straight up fire/fire blaster. I loved her story, I loved her costume, but mostly, I loved the unbridled damage she was capable of dolling out. Hellbent had the distinction of being the most geared character I ever created. She had several full enhancement sets for blaster archetypes, and all of her slots were IO’s of some sort. I never reached the uber-geared heights of the game, but Hellbent was always a welcome member to the group. Because when she was on your team.. things got dead quick.

All her life Stacy Middleton’s life had been in the fast lane. “When Stacy is headed somewhere, that girl is hell bent for leather to get there, and heaven help you if you get in the way!” her father used to say. She did everything fast – quick to love, quick to anger. All that changed the night her and her boyfriend Kyle were attacked. One second they were walking to her car, the next they were bathed in green flames – Kyle screaming on the ground. Some guy in a costume drove off their robed attackers, then disappeared. Kyle needed a doctor, and fast. Police reports estimated Stacy’s cherry red Mustang was traveling over a 110 mph when it collided with the jackknifed fuel tanker in Skyway City. The explosion rattled windows in Steel Canyon. That night Stacy lost her boyfriend, and should have lost her life. For reasons she never understood, she walked, engulfed in flames, from the wreck. That night a woman fused of fire and fury and speed was born. A woman hell bent. Hellbent for Leather.

I love the short origin stories in this post. I’m not sure, but my impression is that many if not most MMO players come to any character they play with at least a bit of an idea of their origin story and who they are in the fiction of the game. As CoH fades into the sunset forever, it’s nice to have this memorial of both the out-of-game and in-game sides of its world.

Meanwhile, Eliot Lefebvre has been looking to the future, and analysing the potential options for CoH players fleeing – in a very comic-like way – the apocalypse crashing down upon their world

“When I first heard about former CoH players going to The Secret World, I was a bit surprised; they’re very different in many ways. But if you like the modern occult influences in CoH, you’re going to like them even more in TSW, which takes that idea and runs with it. There are several sections of CoH that juxtapose a modern setting against occultism, guns, and monsters, and the parallels between being a gun-toting hero in Paragon City and a gun-toting hero in TSW are pretty obvious.

The good: TSW is sort of like New England Online, which means it’s equal parts creepy and beautiful. The Circle of Thorns might be annoying to fight, but they’re certainly flavorful, and in TSW you’re surrounded by those sorts of magical cultists on a regular basis. There are also plenty of choices about how to handle all of the supernatural elements, not all of which simply come down to beating the crap out of the thing with tentacles. Fans of fixtures like Ouroboros and the Midnight Squad will have plenty of fun here.”

Elliot does a good job of laying out the options here, from the obvious (Champions Online) to the less-obvious (The Secret World). Whether you’re a CoH player looking for a retreat or just an interested bystander who might like to check out a superhero MMO, this one’s recommended!

Are you planning to flee CoH for another game? Or are you expecting an influx of superheroes to your MMO?