EVE This Week: Grind, Development Strategy, and vs Guild Wars 2

And finally today, we take a brief detour to the cold, hard, pitiless void of space for a look at what’s cooking in EVE this week.

And the main news seems to be Guild Wars 2, oddly, with two bloggers comparing the fantasy juggernaut with the famously unforgiving EVE. Plus, Freebooted looks at the road ahead…

  • Mat at Freebooted takes a hard and often critical look at the history of EVE’s “vision”, and where the game is going today – toward ESports, in his opinion” I completely appreciate CCP’s current position and why they have chosen the direction they have. Their hand was forced by market forces and they clearly needed to reform their development strategy. They have retreated to the core traditions of EVE and are pushing effectively in a single direction rather than ineffectively in multiple ones. Sadly, this will come at a cost. “
  • The Nosy Gamer looks at grinding, and asks why he’s happy to grind for goals in EVE, but not at all in Guild Wars 2“The big difference is that a lot of the goals I set in my first six months of playing are still useful today. That ammunition I made for my Rupture is still useful when I fly a Hurricane. The ammunition I made for my Rifter is still usable when I fly my Jaguar. “
  • And Jester also compares EVE and GW2, as he argues that EVE’s implementation of soulbindless items was nothing short of genius“This is another genius of EVE, copied straight from the real world: we’re all using the same gear. It’s just that some characters are better at it than others. GW2 really really really should have gone with this sort of model.”

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