Dungeons Compared Across WoW, SWTOR and TSW

Everyone’s been running dungeons this weekend, it seems – but not, as you might expect, Mists of Pandaria dungeons.

No – instead we’ve got a series of fascinating posts looking at the dungeon experience in other games, and across all MMORPGs:

  • Redbeard writes a really interesting piece recounting his experience in his first SWTOR dungeon” You stop worrying about damage meters and trying to fine tune your threat management; you just roll with it and do what is best for the group.”
  • Rohan sums up the differences between SWTOR and WoW endgame, focused on dungeons“I think the biggest thing is that TOR has the balance between AoE and single-target almost perfectly correct. Sometimes you AoE, and sometimes you single-target individual mobs. Crowd Control is often used, but it is not absolutely required.”
  • Stubborn recounts positive experiences in the dungeons of The Secret World and Guild Wars 2, both of which have come in for criticism from other players” I’m really not sure why there are so many criticisms of the GW2 dungeons flying around. They’re supposed to be tough. A little chaos that requires some improvisation is a good thing. Apparently not everyone shares that sentiment, though.”
  • And Gordon at We Fly Spitfires laments the death of tanking as a mechanic across MMORPGs” as much as I love both the playstyle and roleplaying aspect of being a tank, I appreciate the evolving nature of MMORPGs.”

Personally I STILL haven’t managed to get into a GW2 dungeon (blame a really hectic work schedule), but I’m looking forward to them – they sound like just my cup of tea.

What MMO are you playing right now, and what do you think of the dungeons/instances in it?