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Did Guild Wars 2 live up to its promises?

One month in, Guild Wars 2 is certainly different – but different good, or different bad?

We’ve been adventuring in Tyria for more than a month now, and it’s continuing to divide MMO gamers. Some of us are loving it, some of us… aren’t. But what’s dividing everyone? And where will the opinion eventually fall – a genuine competitor to WoW, or another “Three-Monther”?

Several bloggers have been looking into GW2 one month in today, with some really deep, interesting posts:

  • Dusty Monk looks at the various promises GW2 made – from cooperative game design to strong personal story to, y’know, being fun“in that sense, it actually plays much more like a sandbox game than an amusement park game, wherein it relies on the player to go and find their own fun.”
  • Healing The Masses takes a PvP-focused look at how WvWvW’s fairing, how the combat system is working out, and the issues the game is facing right now – *”Not be able to see the enemies true numbers or even the enemy at all is a serious issue. It is even being abused in certain ways with groups staying really close then fanning out so their rendering takes longer.”
  • And Azuriel, who hasn’t been getting on with Guild Wars 2, takes another stab at it, giving both his impressions and considered reasons for them as he plays“The mobility does feel fun. There is a sort of sponginess to the button-presses –> attack result, but even that is not the precise issue. And while my next instinct was to say it feels shallow, it is pretty clear that there is a lot that can go on simultaneously (especially in PvP).”

So, how do you think GW2 is doing? Is it achieving what it promised?

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  1. Ben Sanders
    11 mos, 2 wks ago

    I’m still enjoying Guild Wars 2. I canceled a bunch of buy orders that I had had up for between a month and only 10 days ago, and found 25 gold, which was nice.
    Still taking things slowly; my mesmer main is up to level 69, 26% map completion, with about 110 hours played (and another 20 or so hours on other characters total).
    One of the strange things about Guild Wars 2 is that it doesnt seem to have been designed to make me feel that I am missing out, if I dont play it. Wow had daily quests, and weekly valor points and raid resets, and a number of other mechanics to make you feel like you ought to be playing. GW2 does not do this. I think I like it, and I am managing to play several other (non mmo) games intermittently too.

  2. 11 mos, 2 wks ago

    Yeah, I’m very much getting the same feeling. GW2 isn’t putting any pressure on me – it’s there if I want to play it, but if I want to play something else, that’s cool too.

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