Debate Incoming! Trivial LFR, 90-degree Guild Wars and Sexism in Pandaria

It’s Discussion Day here on the Pot. In fact, it seems to be discussion month – there are more and more interesting, passionately-argued debates cropping up every day in the MMOSphere right now, from the silly to the very, very serious.

Here are three posts that either highlight or start what I suspect will be long-running, heartfelt discussions on the state of MMOs today:

  • Slurms looks into the heated debate currently happening in the Guild Wars 2 community over whether to enable changing the game’s Field of View“The other half of me takes sides with ArenaNet. This is their creation and they have final say in how it is to be consumed by the public. Just because you like Buffalo wings doesn’t mean that it should be an option on every restaurant’s menu.”
  • 15 Minutes of WoW asks if the latest LFR has gone too far in making the content trivial“But after doing the first 3 bosses of Mogu’shan Vaults, perhaps we should consider that content that has been made so accessible that there’s no challenge left might not be worthwhile content after all.”
  • And Apple Cider voices serious concern about several places in Mists of Pandaria where she feels the content becomes sexist“As a woman, this quest chilled me a lot. It bothered quite a few women in my guild and for good reason. It’s a pretty accurate portrayal of stuff that’s happened to women in both our fictional worlds and even real worlds. Get taken prisoner, get put in a cage, be left to get raped by your captors. This stuff isn’t the fancy of someone’s imagination, it is stuff that’s happened to real people.”

What do you think? If you’ve got an opinion – or you’re writing a blog post – let us know!