Are You Struggling To Raid in MoP?

Are you struggling with the demands on raiders in the new WoW expansion? If so, you’re not alone.

Whilst MoP’s leveling content has been rapturously received, as we began to see yesterday, raiding does not look like such smooth sailing – or rather, preparing for raiding does not.

Today we’re featuring four bloggers exploring the problems and solutions facing raiders in the early expansion – from the frankly terrifying amount of work needed to prepare for raiding, to the “should PvP items be usable in raids?” debate:

  • Anafiele gives us an insight into how much work hardcore progression raiders are doing right now – and it’s massive, apparently considerably more than previous expansions“I’m wondering if Blizzard realized precisely how expensive they’ve made it either in time or in gold to stock up on food for progression. They know raiders count boss difficulty in wipes. I think I’ll be counting mine in food consumed.”
  • The Grumpy Elf has been gearing up for raiding, and has found the very RNG dependent early gear grind extremely frustrating“I’ve said it before and I will say it again. The game needs something for people like me. This is why I always loved valor and justice gear. It is like mercy for the unlucky.”
  • Chris at Game By Night looks at the recent flap over raiders gearing up via PvP items, and asks why people are so upset at some raiders taking a different path“Aren’t we a little beyond getting bent out of shape because of someone else’s reward? Is it so terrible that there could be more raiders and more PvPers to fill out your teams?”

The consumables issue for MoP raiding looks particularly scary – I wonder if Blizzard will back down on it, or if raiders are just going to have to get used to an additional few hours’ grinding food a week?

How are you getting on with preparing to raid?