An EVE Player Marvels At Guild Wars 2’s Caring Atmosphere

Could Guild Wars 2 be a vision of a happier world?

Jester may be becoming convinced – at least in MMO terms. The veteran EVE blogger, hardened survivor of a thousand griefers, has been playing Guild Wars 2 recently – and he’s shocked at what he’s seen.

Friendly cooperation

“When you’re playing GW2, from time to time you’ll get markers indicating that a nearby player or NPC has been defeated. You can head for those markers and “revive” them… basically the game’s resurrection system. The important bit, though, is that these markers are placed on everyone’s map. Reviving someone is slightly annoying: it can take upwards of 10 to 15 seconds and the reward for doing so is paltry. And I was off the beaten track, not even in an event, and with a dangerous creature close by. I was idly curious… would someone come along and spontaneously revive me? I decided to give it a few minutes to see.

Now in EVE of course, the response to such an event would be very predictable. Other players would go by saying “lol noob” in Local leaving me to my fate… or more likely there would be a deliberate shake-down attempt: “I’ll revive you for 10 silver.” Would an EVE player assist a stranger at little benefit to themselves and at a cost of 15 seconds lost time? I think we all know the answer to that! We’ve been trained virtually from character birth not to help our fellow capsuleers. That’s quickly morphed into “make fun of our fellow capsuleers when they’re down on their luck.” That’s EVE culture.

In GW2, I had to wait less than two minutes before someone came into the cave, revived me, and then helped me finish off the veteran wolf and the associated minions.

Who are these people and how is it that they’re playing an MMO?”

I’ve often found some of the most interesting insights into MMORPG culture come from people moving between wildly different games, and EVE to Guild Wars 2 has to be one of the biggest leaps possible. Jester’s an excellent writer, and his stories here are both fascinating and heartening, as he wonders just how the culture can be so wildly different in the two games.

Are you finding Guild Wars 2 as friendly as Jester is – or EVE as brutal?