WoW Sequels, MoPredictions, and How To Pay For An Indie MMO

There are literally minutes to go before MoP – so here are a few final posts for the day to fill those last minutes…

  • Eric at Elder Game writes about how he’s planning to charge for his indie MMO – and he wants your input on his ideas“Subscriptions are great because I don’t have to nickel-and-dime you: if I can convince you to part with $4.99 a month, you can play all the game I’ve got. Enjoy. Done.”
  • Windsoar asks whether WoW needs a sequel“Although you can successfully show the progress of time through events like the one for Theramore, or the new digs going up out in Westfall, it simply isn’t as effective as wiping the slate clean.”
  • And The Grumpy Elf puts his cards on the table with a long list of predictions for the MoP era“I can the nerd rage from a mile away and [Challenge Modes] have not even come out yet. The cries that they are too hard, that the timer is too strict, that only certain group make ups can do it, that blizzard is catering to the hard core players, that it needs to be made easier so others can have some fun.”

Have fun in Mists!