Work, Difficulty, and The First Rule

Lots of interesting thought-starters of posts today, from ideas on how your non-standard Guild Wars 2 character came to be to the Golden Rule of crafting in MMOs as a whole. So, let’s get going!

  • Rakuno writes a great post looking at the ways in which your Guild Wars 2 character could have broken the standard mould of their race“While in the asura everyone is pretty much an engineer from birth, not everyone can simply live off inventing new things all day. Some of them needs to hold what little laws they have or fend off threats to the asura. Those would be the Peacemakers, the guards of asura society.”
  • Stubborn looks at the common arguments for why The Secret World has done so badly, from bad marketing to too much thought“As has been largely cited, the beta tests were wildly successful (so to speak), bringing in more than 1 million players, only 20% of which eventually purchased the game. Since you could have played several days before the game ever came out for free, it may be that you thought you’d had your fill. “
  • Klepsacovic has a bloody good point with his post today looking at what seems to be the golden rule of MMO crafting“You start off making copper gizmos which are used to make copper widgets. Both are guaranteed to give a skill boost. So you do the sensible thing and make a few gizmos and turn them into widgets because widgets are pretty handy to have.”

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