Weekend Roundup: EVE, TSW, and other games

And finally, in other MMO news, the EVE world is still reeling from the death of Sean Smith, and its consequences – plus more discussion of The Secret World’s woes, adventures in EVE, and Farmville failings…

  • Tobold discusses the potential failing in Zynga’s business model – the fact that their games rely on messaging your friends, which falls down if you simply separate your Zynga social life from your real one“Their business plan behind that is that this way they’ll quickly gain millions of players for each of their games, and access to a network of people who trust each other, and are thus a juicy target for advertising. Only that while real money is hard to fake, social capital is extremely easy to falsify.”
  • Bravetank has entered the world of EVE, and today she writes a fascinating tale of how she ended up being led into learning some of the game’s infamously complex mechanics“My dps was 16. I’m embarrassed typing it. I was basically dong nothing more than giving the supply ship a nice bit of therapeutic shiatsu massage – a tad painful but boy does it work the joints.”
  • Game Delver thinks about the aftermath of Sean Smith’s death, and the increased public light it has shone on gaming“What I find most interesting about this particular case is just how public and important Mr. Smith’s status as a serious Eve Online player has been. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton even mentioned his background as a gamer. “
  • Lewis at Stnylan’s Musings considers the way that Smith’s death has united the EVE universe“To be an EVE-player however is not to be divided by servers or realms, but to share in the same dangerous sandbox. It makes it easier to achieve name-recognition (Chribba and Dr Caymus, The Mittani and Verone), and even to interact with them on occasion. “
  • Nosy Gamer spreads word of a fundraiser to help Sean Smith’s family
  • And finally, Syp considers the woes of The Secret World, and looks at four sticking points which are hindering the game’s growth and success“There’s a cash shop in place, and the game is segmented nicely into different world zones. So just make the first (Solomon Island) free and charge for Egypt, Transylvania, and so on. “

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