Tips for Finding A New Guild For Pandaria

It’s a time of new beginnings in WoW – and with that, a lot of people will be looking for a new guild. Handily, today several bloggers are offering great tips to find one!

Whether you’re looking for a new guild because your old one didn’t survive the 10 months of WoW’s inactivity very well, or because you’re looking for something new in your gameplay, a new expansion’s a prime time for jumping into a new guild. But how do you make sure you find and get into one you’ll love?

First up, Rank 4 Healing Touch has revamped their old post on guild application, which remains a complete, useful and accessible guide to avoiding guild application problems

“Spelling – I’m not going to say that typos will get your application denied up front because we all make them and not all of them are caught with a spell checker (believe me I know this first hand from my blog). Keeping your application mostly clean means you took the time to write your response in software that has a spell checker and double/triple checked your work. Avoid using any net speak or childish abbreviations like “ur” (your) or “healz” (heals).

Links – Most applications will request some form of Armory link, UI screenshot and if available a World of Logs parse. Please double check the link supplied so there is no unnecessary confusion. I have seen youtube links where a character armory link was supposed to be and while I thought it was amusing at first it didn’t help the application any.”

This guide’s definitely targeted at people applying to more serious raiding guilds, and it covers pretty much everything you could think of in a guild application on that basis. For less experienced people or those looking to play more casually, some of the sections on theorycrafting and gameplay might seem a bit intimidating – remember that not all guilds will want you to be able to do calculus in order to apply! However, even if you’re looking for a more casual guild, a lot of the advice here is very useful, and if you are looking to raid competitively, this stuff’s gold dust.

On a slightly different tack, Quori has an excellent guide to finding a guild, too – this one focused on figuring out whether you really want to be in that hardcore raiding guild before you apply!

From your personal background to your playstyle, Quori’s looking at how to avoid guild-joiner’s remorse

“This is a big deal. You should really separate out into 2 columns what are absolute inflexible NEEDS versus the things that would be nice, but not truly necessary stipulations.

If you truly NEED to be in a ranked guild, then perhaps you should also know you will need to worry about min/maxing your toon and being graded and judged on your performance.

If you NEED a casual environment, then know you cannot stir up drama by whining and complaining that no one cares about heroics.

If your socio-political views are so important to you that you wear them on your sleeve, then do not join a socially diverse guild where odds are opinions will vary along with mileage.

This last one is an important factor to consider. There is nothing wrong with being a Republican, Democrat, Atheist, Feminist, Born Again Christian, etc etc. Any label you choose to wear proudly on your sleeve is not something to cast shame or derision towards; however, perhaps you should bear that in mind when seeking a new guild.”

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the “how” of any task, and something like finding a guild’s particularly susceptible to hidden assumptions. I really like Quori’s “fun first” attitude, too – the guide’s very non-judgemental and focused on getting you to a satisfying environment to play in, even if there are some bumps on the way.

Do you have any tips for people looking for a new guild as MoP approaches?