Things About Guild Wars 2 Which Kind Of Suck

Guild Wars 2 is very, very cool. But it’s not perfect – and today, three players are pointing out some holes in its otherwise perfect vista.

I’m thoroughly enjoying Guild Wars 2, still, as are millions of other people. But no game’s perfect. From lack of direction in your character’s story (and yeah, I’m getting a little annoyed with how chirpily positive my human thief is too) to jumping puzzles FROM HELL, here are a few things that, well, aren’t going so great:

  • Mystic Worlds tells the story of the Vista from Hell“I’m at the 4-pull mob group for the umptenth time. I tried waiting further down for other players to get up here but people venturing this deep into the cave are far and few. All my gear is broken and my resolve is failing. Each fall having unnerved me, I’m more tentative with each attempt. “
  • Hunter’s Insight looks at the problems with uneven difficulty and broken mechanics facing many GW2 dungeons” It wouldn’t be that bad if the blossoms didn’t cover every inch of space, but that wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t respawn literally every 10 seconds, but that wouldn’t be so bad if we could kill them without being obstructed, but that wouldn’t be so bad if the bosses weren’t already a fairly formidable fight, but that wouldn’t be so bad if we could dodge freely, which wouldn’t be so bad if when we died and had to run back we didn’t have to get through the blossoms again.”
  • And Erik at TL:DR discusses why his character is forced to wear underpants – and more seriously, why they’re forced down a single story path“You could have just gleefully murdered a town of Skritt and stolen everything they owned, gone for a run through the city of Divinity’s Reach in your underpants (though, alas, not totaly naked), and punched a friendly dolphin in the face all in one day, and you would still be THE HERO.”

Is there anything about GW2 that’s driving you up the wall right now?