The Verdict on Guild Wars 2, 2 weeks in

2 weeks in – what’s the verdict on the latest MMO blockbuster?

Guild Wars has been out for just over two weeks at this point, and it seems that we’ve all collectively decided that now’s a good time to sit back and consider – just how much of a success has it been so far?

Bloggers from all over have chimed in today, with a tremendously wide variety of opinions:

  • Syp at Bio Break calls Guild Wars 2 the ultimate casual MMO“From my perspective, I see Guild Wars 2 as the ultimate casual MMO that respects instead of demands your time. It’s ludicrously fast and easy to log into, and mostly just asks you to live in the moment with your activities instead of chugging through a quest list. “
  • Azuriel struggles to express the way Guild Wars 2 hasn’t quite satisfied him“I will not think about Tiny Tower or 10000000 a decade from now. Nor, potentially, Guild Wars 2. Those games were/have been/are fun to play, respectively. But I am not looking for opportunities to kill time with amusing diversions.”
  • Doone rounds up opinion and debate on whether Guild Wars 2’s grouping has succeeded or failed“Most players seem to agree that there’s absolutely no such thing in GW2 at this time, that the mechanics which make the trinity system possible just aren’t there (threat maintenance). All we need to know now is how has the group experience been impacted”
  • The Mighty Viking Hamster waxes lyrical about Guild Wars 2’s dynamic events, calling them a game-changer“When you save the captured hunter from captivity he doesn’t just wave, run a few metres and dissipate into thin air. You can follow him back to town and see him reunite with his wife who is patiently awaiting his arrival. “*
  • Ravious argues that Guild Wars 2 has an entirely new structure to its in-game economy“Of Sardu’s list of 80 things to do at 80 over 15% are based on consuming or collecting gathered items, many for personal-only use.”
  • And Jeromai focuses on one small but brilliantly formed element of the game, saying it has fantasy underwater environments done EXACTLY right“Again, words fail me. I could say awesome, spectacular, fantastic and keep repeating it, but it’s probably easier to just show you what I mean.”