The Battle Begins! Can the community save City of Heroes?


If anyone at NCSoft expected the City of Heroes community to go quietly as their game was shut down, they clearly hadn’t thought it through. After all, we’re talking about an active, engaged community of people who have been together for a decade.

Playing superheroes.

Saving things is kind of what they do.

  • Pete at Dragonchasers writes an easy-to-follow, well-thought-out guide to what you can do to save CoH“Write a letter to NCSoft. Please follow the guidelines in this forum thread. Quick recap – Be polite and respectful, hand-write the letter, and keep it short.”
  • Chris at Level Capped makes a very superheroic argument that whilst a campaign to save CoH might not work, it’s still better than meekly accepting the game’s fate“I prefer to think of it this way: “Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything.” Simply throwing up your hands and saying “that’s life” is to acquiesce to living only one step above a vegetative state. “
  • Syp asks – and answers – the question of whether these petitions will actually make a difference“But the question on the table is can it be saved? Are we all just spinning our wheels and making noise in a futile attempt to speak to corporate suits that don’t care to listen to us anyway?”
  • Dusty Monk mixes genuinely touching personal memories of the game with a stirring call to action in his explanation of why he’s joining this particular crusade“When I realized that after November I would never again be able to stand side-by-side with my daughter knee deep in the sewers of Paragon City, battling Circle of Thorns and Vahzilok.. the loss I felt was genuine.”
  • Tobold’s somewhat Grinch-like about the efforts to save CoH, but does propose a solution – Kickstopper“It works exactly like Kickstarter, but instead of people pledging money to start a new game, they pledge money to stop an old game from being closed down.”
  • And Ardwulf looks at the situation around City of Heroes, and asks if, for once, this petition might just work?“City of Heroes may or may not have been profitable, but populations were still strong and people are still playing it, and that population should be able to support its continued existence were it run by a less cutthroat company.”

Will City of Heroes get a last-minute reprieve? If it’s being true to its genre, we won’t know until seconds before the servers are turned off…

What do you think?