SWTOR After The Doctors Leave

Meanwhile, things continue to go badly for Star Wars: The Old Republic, with the announcement of server consolidations, and that the founders of Bioware are leaving the company. But many bloggers are still hanging on, and it may even be that the server consolidations aren’t all bad…

  • Mikro of SWTOR Life has decided to close his SWTOR site down, and as a last post spends some time looking at why things went the way they did for SWTOR” We now learned that the good doctors gave notice in April and in May we had the first wave of layoffs in SWTOR studio in Austin, TX. This means that EA pronounced SWTOR a failure 4 months after launch and I think consequently Greg Zeschuck gave notice and Ray followed. “
  • Njessi looks at the server consolidations, and is far from happy“As my 4-year-old is fond of saying “BUT WHY?” I don’t have a good answer. The destination server of Canderous Ordo was already plenty damn populated. It was easy to get a group. There were 2-3 instances of the fleet on most nights. How many more roommates do I need for a good “population?””
  • And Shintar comments on the server consolidations too, arguing that there are both ups and downs in the decision“I’m glad that the locked servers are gone now. I’ll always remember Luka Sene with fondness, but we’ve got to look to the future now.”

Are you still playing SWTOR? How are you feeling about it?