Splitting MMOs in Two, The Dark Path of SWTOR Business, and more

It’s the end of another game-changing week in MMOs, and there are some big discussions going on on a meta level in the MMOSphere – let’s go!

  • Syncaine has an interesting idea about the future of MMORPGs – that there are two entirely separate strands to the MMO market“What does matter is that the two groups are looking for very different experiences, yet are being lumped into one group (MMO players). Worse still, studios are designing games with the impression that they can design content for the short-term group, and expect long-term retention.”
  • Klepsacovic writes a fascinating piece about the role of home base in games, and how they can work to give your tired brain a break“When I return to a town there are the mailbox and vendor, inviting me to empty my bags and free myself of the worry of those. There is the inn, inviting me to log out for a while. The town is safe and there are usually no quests within the town itself. “
  • Tobold delivers a lecture in mathematics for anyone looking at the graph of WoW subscribers“But even if you did the scientifically worst possible extrapolation and projected a linear decline on the slope of the end of Cataclysm, you’d still end up with another 4 years and more than $1 billion more in revenue for Blizzard. “
  • And Joe at Corellian Run Radio looks at the likelihood of F2P meaning “Pay To Win” in SWTOR, given Bioware’s previous history with downloadable content“Because history often repeats itself, because BioWare may still, even after free-to-play comes to the game, need the revenue, and because temptation is so very hard to resist (two words: Chocolate. Bacon.), there are very good reasons to be doubtful of what’s said about pay-to-win being avoided in SWTOR.”

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