Saying Farewell To Cataclysm

It’s been nearly two years of dragon fly-overs and a shattered world. So, how are WoW bloggers around the world saying farewell to Cataclysm?

  • Tzufit writes a great piece asking a rather depressing question – at the end of the day, did Deathwing win?“Despite all of the darkness in the narrative of the Wrath expansion, somehow Cataclysm has managed to be the most depressing installment of WoW to date. We returned to our homes to find that they weren’t the same anymore, that beloved friends had died, and favorite places were forever ruined. “
  • Reliq looks back at Cataclysm and its various patch incarnations“I enjoyed Cataclysm. But I didn’t love it. I loved Wrath – the entire continent to explore, the gorgeous art throughout – but Cataclysm was like little weekend getaways to various zones that are just next to ones you go to all the time.”
  • And Shyraia looks back over Cataclysm, point-by-point“I hated how steep the increase in difficulty was. We went from facerollilng to being facerolled. And quite a few people lost courage through that. “

Are you sorry to see Cataclysm go?