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RIP Vile Rat

Tributes to EVE diplomat Vile Rat continue to roll in from across the blogosphere.

The news broke yesterday that veteran EVE player Vile Rat, aka Sean Smith, was killed in the violence in Libya on Tuesday. Today, tributes to him have been appearing all across the EVE blogosphere:

  • Lewis at Stnylan’s Musings muses on the extent to which EVE becomes far more than a video game“There is an oft-repeated phrase that says EVE is “just a game”. I do not happen to think it is. I had at some point intended to write a post about this aspect of EVE, but his event brings it all to the fore.”
  • Random Average writes a brief description of his contribution to the game” If you played EvE, odds are he said or did something that affected you every time you logged in, whether you knew it or not; whether you cared or not.”
  • Rambling Redshirt shares details of the tributes to Vile Rat appearing all over EVE space“As a gamer, I mourn with my gaming family the passing of Vile Rat, as an American, I thank him for his service in the real world, and as a human being, I pray for his family and the people he has left behind”
  • Jester reports both on the tributes and in-game events surrounding them“It’s what Vile Rat would have wanted. RIP Vile Rat.”

If you know of other tribute posts, please mention them in the comments below.

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  1. Kainotomiu
    12 mos, 1 wk ago

    “Looks like NCdot may be innocent of this one. At the very least, they’re saying on Kugu that this is nothing but an attempt to manipulate CFC players by Dabigredboat.”

    I can’t help but think that another snippet of that article might be more useful. After all, you’ve chosen an edit that doesn’t have much to do with Vile Rat and requires a fair amount of context to understand. After all, I doubt that most of your readers know who DBRB or why he’d be manipulating us CFC players.

    I have to admit that the article doesn’t lend itself to easily-snipped sentences that sum up the whole thing, but perhaps “It’s what Vile Rat would have wanted. RIP Vile Rat.” would have been better?

  2. 12 mos, 1 wk ago

    That’s a good point. I’ll take the quote you suggest – I was going for a “Jester reports on current affairs” vibe, but I agree, the current one’s too obscure.

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