Stormstout Brewery Normal / Heroic Quick-Read Tactics: Ook-Ook, Hoptallus and Yan-Zhu the Uncasked

by on September 25, 2012

If you thought the Wolpertinger was slightly silly, the new Mists Of Pandaria instance Stormstout Brewery is going to blow your mind. Chem Stormstout’s beloved brewery has been overrun by critters. It’s your job to get in there and sort it out. During the process, you’ll fight a drunken monkey called Ook-Ook, Hoptallus (a giant rabbit-thing) and Yan-Zhu the Uncasked (a monster made entirely of beer). If that all sounds a bit too much, don’t worry. MMO Melting Pot has your back. Our quick-read strategies give you exactly what you need to conquer the Stormstout Brewery: no big walls of text, just the facts, formatted for easy copy-paste to your party chat!

If there’s someone in your group who isn’t certain about the tactics, click in the text box below each boss to auto-select a single line of tactics. We’ve checked them to make sure they’ll fit in a single line of party chat. Then CTRL+C to copy it, go back into WoW, start Party Chat, and CTRL+V to paste all the tactics your group needs!

(On a Mac, that’s Command-C and Command-V)

Normal mode vs Heroic Mode – These tactics apply to both Normal and Heroic versions of this dungeon – Heroic version bosses simply have more health and do more damage.


Trash before boss 1

  • Don’t worry about the “Partying Hozen” counter!

Copy-pasteable tactics for Party Chat (click to select all):


  • Tank face him away from the party.
  • Everyone else click on barrels, then roll them into the boss.

Copy-pasteable tactics for Party Chat (click to select all):

Trash before boss 2

  • Grab hammers and use them to smash bunnies up in the air.
  • Avoid dynamite bunnies when they start hopping and casting.

Copy-pasteable tactics for Party Chat (click to select all):


  • Tank him near the bunny mass (it makes sense when you see it).
  • Avoid his whirlwind and stand away from his Carrot Breath.
  • Tank grab adds when they spawn (Shrill Screech) – DPS use hammers to kill them fast.
  • Avoid exploding dynamite adds.

Copy-pasteable tactics for Party Chat (click to select all):

Yan-Zhu the Uncasked

  • Click on or kill individual bubbles.
  • Kill adds.
  • If you get Blackout Brew, keep moving to remove it.
  • Jump walls of bubbles.
  • Keep one player close to the boss.
  • Move away from other players if you get Bloat.

Copy-pasteable tactics for Party Chat (click to select all):

That’s it. Good luck!

If you’ve got any additions to our useful tactics, let us know in the comments! Please do share these guides with your friends and guildies – and if you encounter a new player who’d benefit from reading the guides, point them in this direction too.

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