Quick-Read Tactics: Shado’pan Monastery Normal / Heroic – Gu Cloudstrike, Master Snowdrift, Sha of Violence and Corrupted Taran Zhu

by on September 25, 2012

The Shado’pan Monastery is Mists Of Pandaria’s tribute to the martial arts training monasteries in, well, every martial arts movie ever. You’ll need to defeat Gu Cloudstrike and his tamed serpent, Master Snowdrift and his students, and the Sha of Violence. Finally, you’ll fight the leader of the monastery, Taran Zhu, who has become corrupted by the Sha of Hatred. Our quick-read strategies give you exactly what you need to conquer the Shado’pan Monastery: no big walls of text, just the facts, formatted for easy copy-paste to your party chat!

If there’s someone in your group who isn’t certain about the tactics, click in the text box below each boss to auto-select a single line of tactics. We’ve checked them to make sure they’ll fit in a single line of party chat. Then CTRL+C to copy it, go back into WoW, start Party Chat, and CTRL+V to paste all the tactics your group needs!

(On a Mac, that’s Command-C and Command-V)

Normal mode vs Heroic Mode – These tactics apply to both Normal and Heroic versions of this dungeon – Heroic version bosses simply have more health and do more damage.


Gu Cloudstrike

  • Don’t stand in lightning.
  • Damage Serpent 10-20% in phase 1.
  • In phase 2, stack during Magnetic Shroud except tank who should turn serpent away.

Copy-pasteable tactics for Party Chat (click to select all):

Master Snowdrift

  • Get behind him during Fists of Fury.
  • Get away from him on Tornado Kick.
  • Don’t attack when he’s in Parry Stance.
  • Dodge the balls.

Copy-pasteable tactics for Party Chat (click to select all):

The Sha of Violence

  • Tank should avoid Disorienting Smash. If it hits, the boss will switch to the person next highest on the aggro table.
  • Try to avoid Smoke and light pools.
  • He enrages – pop cooldowns when he does.

Copy-pasteable tactics for Party Chat (click to select all):

Corrupted Taran Zhu

  • Tank keep boss away from party.
  • Ranged DPS kill Gripping Hatred ASAP.
  • Meditate when it’s safe or when your Hatred fills.
  • Tank try to get some distance on boss before Meditating.

Copy-pasteable tactics for Party Chat (click to select all):

That’s it. Good luck!

If you’ve got any additions to our useful tactics, let us know in the comments! Please do share these guides with your friends and guildies – and if you encounter a new player who’d benefit from reading the guides, point them in this direction too.

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