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  1. justsaiyan
    September 29, 2012

    Okay even if the game is entertaining, unless it can beat out ALL other competition in every category (gameplay,graphics,sound, replay value, glitches, and so on…) it can’t be seen as a revolutionary game worth paying for. The big issue right now is price..and not so much even box price but the subscription fee. Many people would be willing to buy if it gave free online play much like the success of GW2.
    It could be worth it if the game were revolutionary as was WoW at one time…until than you need to give better deals and with a game that has mixed ratings, it’s not surprising to see them firing staff and slashing box prices. Funcom clearly underestimated the online gaming community and their knowledge of a good deal for their gaming experience.

  2. pkudude99
    October 1, 2012

    I’m playing TSW right now and loving it. I did hit a bit of a lull when I got up to QL10 for my gear and finished the story missions, but I recently joined a cabal and have been working my way through the elite dungeons in preparation for starting cabal runs for nightmares, and that’s regenerated my interest. I also have been digging the new missions released in the 2 latest “issues” and I’ve been running around finishing up quest achievements and such to boot. I even maxed out my Rocket Launcher line, in spite of it really being “teh suck” and a waste of points (IMO). Now I’m working on completing decks for the outfit rewards, even though I’ve already got my main decks built that I plan to play (tank, 2 different heal build, support dps, pure dps, solo melee, solo ranged).

    Someday I’ll even play an alt, but for now I just don’t see the need. I can do it all and faster on the main, after all.

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