MMO Numbers, Dragon Tails and EVE on a Phone

Past, present and future in MMOs today, as we look from the lessons dragons taught us (specifically, Onyxia) to the future for EVE Online – could it end up on a smartphone?

  • The Nosy Gamer rounds up the latest MMORPG statistics – interesting and arguably quite unexpected stuff“While the Xfire numbers are not reliable to tell how many players are playing a game, they are good for determining trends. The latest example is Tera, whose trend was diving toward the cellar. “
  • Green Armadillo asks whether MMO players can be comparatively passive about developer missed promises because games essentially hold their social groups to ransom“No matter how early or late, how buggy or how polished, everyone needs to buy the new content when it is released if they are to play together. “
  • Big Bear Butt teaches his Cub another lesson, and this time it’s about the wonder and danger of dragons“He wants things to be able to be reasoned out. He wants to be able to look at something, and to infer from visual cues what it may be able to do, and how to try and attack it safely and successfully. I have to say, Onyxia was designed magnificently with that in mind.”
  • And Mat at Freebooted proposes a very interesting project – taking the world of EVE Online in all its complexity onto your smartphone“Imagine, if you will, that you’ve just downloaded CCP’s new smartphone title New Eden Explorer. Rather than try to be a trimmed-down version of EVE, it approaches gameplay from the opposite direction whilst providing many of the tools found in existing EVE apps.”

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