Mists of Pandaria First Impressions

It’s day one of a new expansion in WoW – so, with no further ado: what does everyone think?

  • Spinks, ironically enough but very sensibly, cautions against placing too much stock in first impressions“It is tempting to go with a first impression, or start making broad predictions quite early on in an expansion, before you’ve played through all of the PvE. Be careful if you try that with Mists of Pandaria, because each zone I have seen so far is better than the last. “
  • Stargrace rounds up her very positive experience so far“The game certainly isn’t for everyone and I’ve heard a lot of negativity over things lately but I’m having fun and I’m not ashamed of it.”
  • Lono gives a brief roundup of his thoughts in bullet-point form“If I had to give an overall impression I’ll say that Pandaria feels like a solid expansion. I think that instead of trying to reinvent itself once more, they went for more tried and tested designs.”
  • Deme gives us a stream of conciousness look at her first couple of hours playing the Alliance Pandaria missions“OMFG ALL THE PRETTY”
  • Tobold, alone of today’s bloggers, isn’t impressed and feels that Blizzard are repeating past mistakes with story“Mists of Pandaria might well turn out to be the worst expansion ever to level alts in. It has the linearity of Cataclysm zones, but where Catalysm had two possible zones to start in, Mists of Pandaria only has one. “
  • Rohan, by contrast, is extremely impressed with the polish so far“Admittedly, I’ve only done two or three questlines in the very first zone. But so far it has been Blizzard at the very top of their game. “
  • Typhoon Andrew rattles off his and his guildmates’ impressions so far“It’s too early to say its all wonderful, but the chatter in Guild seems to be that everything is darn interesting and the characters are racing toward maximum level at a smooth pace.”
  • Rades had an odd crash which presented him with the chance to admire the artwork of Pandaria“It was actually a really odd, peaceful experience. No danger, no other people, just touring around and exploring.”
  • Lono also asks why some people seem to be angry because WoW is still WoW“Think about it for a moment. Would it make sense for WoW to suddenly have a completely new graphic engine? To adopt a 7 man raiding format with no tanks? To get rid of healers and give every heals suddenly? “
  • And Fari gives us a just-before-launch song to speed the levelling along“Twas the day before Pandaria and all through the land / Not a creature was stirring, not even old Brann.”

So, MoP: Opinions so far?