Messages, Competition, and Cross-Realm Zones

And we close out today, once again, with discussion of various MMOs – WoW, for once, relegated to a minor role in today’s posts. How will things change with Mists of Pandaria, I wonder?

  • Lono asks us to consider what kind of message we send if we call for MMORPG innovation, but don’t support innovative MMOs like The Secret World“We’re saying: Guys! Don’t bother innovating too much or giving us anything other than swords, elves and dragons. Don’t change too much the formula either. We want our ability bars, our kill ten rats quests and our raids. “
  • The Grumpy Elf goes a fair way past grumpy and into steamingly furious about the effect Cross-Realm Zones are having on his gameplay“Don’t give up on blizzard. We pay for the right to play. Do not let them force cross realm zones on us. Keep putting in tickets so we can get back on to our nice stable servers.”
  • And Clockwork discusses competition in various games’ crafting markets, and the question of whether competition is really fun“When a gaming market has competition it involves a great deal of undercutting, taunting, buyouts-and-repostings…all to push the item towards its actual value as opposed to an artificial value mainly created by a lack of firms/actors participating in that market.”

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