Is It A Three Monther and more

As we draw to the close of another exciting post-MoP day, here’s today’s final roundup of interesting reads in the blogosphere:

  • Avatars Of Steel argues that no MMORPG creator has any choice these days but to lower their prices to compete“For all the wiggling and squiggling that will ensue, competition has now made monopoly/cartel ish money no longer possible. “
  • Syncaine makes an interesting argument in his ongoing jerimiad against Guild Wars 2 – that it fails as an MMO when you get to its endgame“Being nice to others or having lots of options in terms of where to level or how to get gear or where to collect crafting mats is all pointless when, once you hit 80, it all does nothing for you.”
  • Chris at Game By Night references the dismissive phrase “Three-Monther”, saying that these days, all MMORPGs are three-monthers“normal players do not play for two hours a day, every day. They do not buy each new MMO just to compare it to the last. There is a reason things have become more casual and it’s not because the hardcore is increasing in numbers.”
  • And Keen responds to his argument, saying that the reason for a lot of 3-monther MMOs is lack of innovation in the MMORPG industry“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination. If the reality today is a stagnant market full of 3-monthers, maybe it’s time for someone to do what Blizzard did with World of Warcraft to stand out: Address the problem head on, create a working, viable alternative, and give the players what they want by imagining something new. “

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