How To Get To… Pandaria Edition. Pandaria to Orgrimmar and back, Airship and Gunship, Serpent’s Overlook

Yes, it’s a new expansion, and that guarantees you’ll spend at least some time in a strange land, wandering around and trying to figure out where the hell something is. But have no fear – we’ve got your back. Whether you’ve fallen off the Horde airship in Paint It Red or Alliance gunship in Unleash Hell, you want to get to Pandaria from Orgrimmar or Orgrimmar from Pandaria, or you’re trying to find the darn Serpent’s Overlook, here’s everything you need to know.

Getting From Pandaria to Orgrimmar

In the Jade Forest, in Honeydew Village, there’s a portal being maintained by an Undead mage. It’ll take you straight back to Orgrimmar.

From the gate into Honeydew Village, go straight up the hill in front of you – as you get to the first building, the portal is just on your left. If you’re still having trouble finding it, turn on repairer tracking – he’s right next to the village repairer.

Getting from Orgrimmar to Pandaria

Head to the Valley of Honor. Right in the middle of the area there’s a Pandaren camp, with a balloon hanging above it, and in the middle of it there’s a portal that will take you back to Honeydew Village in Pandaria.

Getting from Stormwind to Pandaria

Head to the north of the Dwarven District and look for the Pandaren balloon in the sky. Just below it there’s an island with a pagoda on it, and on the island there’s a Pandaren holding a portal open that will take you back to Paw’don Village.

I Fell Off The Alliance Gunship in “Unleash Hell” – How Do I Get Back?

First of all, hearth back to Stormwind. From there, take the portal to Pandaria as above.

As soon as you get back, a mage will be standing next to the portal in Paw’don Village. He’ll shout at you to get back on the ship – click the blue glowing thing and you’ll be back up in the fight!

I Fell Off The Horde gunship in “Paint It Red” – How Do I Get Back?

This one’s a little tricky. First off, hearth to Orgrimmar and take the portal in the Valley of Honor to Honeydew Village.

Then, head out of the village (heading downhill) and look for the glowing red thing out in the forest. Here’s an image:

How To Get Back To The Gunship, Hellscream's Fist, in Pandaria

Go to that red thing, click it, and you’ll be back in the fight.

How do I get to Serpent’s Overlook?

The first time you go to Serpent’s Overlook, it’ll be through a quest mount on the quest “Last Piece of the Puzzle”. If you’re on that quest, speak to Mishi to fly there. Remember to click the flight master there! If you don’t, it’s tricky to get back – but not impossible.

If you have fallen off, and can’t get back by flight master, climb as close as you can to the Overlook, then drop, taking falling damage. Repeat enough times to kill yourself, and you’ll res at the spirit healer on Serpent’s Overlook. Resurrect there, take the res sickness, and you’re back on track!

Anywhere else you’re having trouble getting to or from? Let us know!