Guild Wars 2: The Weekend Roundup

Guild! Wars! 2!

Yes, even as one MMO dies, another one’s growing, thriving and feted throughout the blogosphere. Here’s your roundup of the weekend’s Tyria-related posts:

  • Tobold studies the size of the world of Guild Wars 2, and concludes that there’s at least 300 hours of gameplay there“Surveys have shown that the average MMORPG player plays around 20 hours per week, so 300 hours is over 3 months of solo PvE content. Depending on how much group PvE and PvP you do, you’ll be occupied until well after Christmas.”
  • Zubon at Kill Ten Rats is getting increasingly irritated by something that’s been annoying the Melting Pot staff too – GW2’s currently extremely buggy grouping“This is less bad than Asheron’s Call 2′s lack of functional chat around launch, but one of the basic things you should be able to demand from a multi-player game is being able to form groups with your friends”
  • Jeromai looks at MMOs in general through the lens of GW2’s groundbreaking design, and asks what you’d keep doing in game if there was no reward for doing so?“I would, surprisingly enough, continue to rez players, often in the thick of combat, even if I don’t get xp for it and even if I don’t get any thanks for it.”
  • And The Noisy Rogue writes an interesting and angry post wondering in what other industry actions like’s summary banning policies would be accepted and praised“In MMO land the consumer gets their product confiscated and banned for life for a developer’s own mistake.”

What do you think of all this? What’s getting you excited – in a good or bad way – by GW2 right now?