Guild Wars 2 Launch Trailer – wait, WHAT?

Guild Wars 2’s launch trailer has arrived, and it’s … odd. Very odd. It’s barely about the game, for starters.

So, what did the MMO community make of it?

First up, here’s the trailer itself. Warning – some minor spoilers at the end. Notably, if you don’t want to see dragons before you see them in-game, avoid.

It really is quite odd.

And here’s what everyone thought:

  • Kemwer looks back over all of’s past cinematics to communicate just how disappointing he found the launch trailer” Are­naNet made a big dis­ser­vice to their fans, to their hard-working cin­e­mat­ics team, and I’m not sure if this trailer is good enough to con­nect to the new audi­ence they prob­a­bly aimed it to,”
  • Rowan Blaze contrasts the GW2 launch trailer with the trailer for The Secret World“I am not making a judgement between the two games. Just saying that the trailer for one gives me chills.”
  • Hunter’s Insight breaks down what the trailer’s about, and whether we should care that much“Instead we have messages about seizing the day, overcoming hardship and suffering, taking action to fight for a better tomorrow. It’s practically an ad for Obama, lets face it.”
  • And Syp says he’s just reeling from the bizarreness of it“Putting aside the logic of releasing a launch trailer two weeks after its launch, this is just bizarre avant-garde crap. “

What did you think? Is there a point, or did just lose the plot on this one?