Fall Of Theramore: Was It REALLY A Disaster?

The Fall of Theramore scenario introduced to WoW on Monday has succeeded in one thing – sparking fascinating, passionate debate.

So was it a disaster, or were our expectations simply too high?

Critical of the Fall

  • Typhoon Andrew covers the scenario from all angles, from story to scenario mechanics, in bullet point form“Was this really the job for the heroes of the Alliance? A set of Stormwind’s finest guards might have achieved the same. There was no special mission feel, or battle against a clock.”
  • The Grumpy Elf was dissatisfied, but more than that, left feeling somewhat queasy“As someone that lives and works in new york and was at work watching the towers get hit and come down from outside of my job, just a little bit away, close enough that I could taste the dust, thinking that someone would say they should laugh at remembering the slaughter of thousands of innocents just hits me as completely wrong.”
  • Green Armadillo isn’t raging, but feels that the storytelling could have been done substantially better“Reading the synopsis of the novel, there are numerous places that could have been opportunities for players to participate in a major lore event that does not seem to have needed to happen prior to the expansion launch. “
  • Saxsy writes two posts on the Fall – first contrasting it with the epic Wrathgate questline and secondly addressing the cinematic she initially missed“It got reduced to rubble and every single inhabitant died. Unescorted? Really? Unopposed? Really? No recognition that people were actually in Theramore when the bomb hit? Really?”
  • Khizzara looks at the plot of the Fall, and finds that it seems to have some major holes“We get the sense that Garrosh woke up one morning and thought to himself, “Oh yeah, Theramore. Let’s obliterate that. Should be fun. LOL””
  • And Cuppy addresses each of the major points of debate – world event, lore, and so on – in a serious of short pieces” I am the target demographic for scenarios — I play casually for short amounts of time, love questing and lore, don’t always have time to wait for a dungeon queue, and enjoy doing small group activities. But this fell completely short for me.”

Neutral about the Fall

  • Alas recounts her personal experience with the Fall, finding herself nothing more than ambivalent about it“I was neither thrilled nor disappointed with the scenario, overall. I feel neither grief nor outrage that Theramore is gone, which I suppose could say something about how well that story wasn’t told.”
  • Spinks discusses both her personal experience and the storytelling questions without coming down hard on either side“I am however, intrigued to see the other scenarios. I think we’ll really enjoy them at that sweet spot between reaching the level cap and zooming into heroics”

Defense of the Fall

  • Ben at Scribblings On The Asylum Wall argues that the Fall has been the victim of excessively high expectations“Expectations are killer. Especially when you have trouble meeting them.”
  • Dragonray writes a short post saying she loved the scenario – not as detailed as other posts here, but interesting to note that some people really are enjoying the scenario“I liked that I could blow stuff away and not worry about aggro or threat or healing etc.”
  • Big Bear Butt argues that Fall is basically fun, but a victim of really horrible timing“I picture the scenario almost like a comedian being tossed out on stage to do a quick bit of standup to chill out a crowd that has been waiting five hours for Axl Rose to appear for a GNR concert. Poor scenario. Poor, poor scenario. Nobody deserves that fate.”
  • Ceraphus argues that the scenario has succeeded both as an introduction to scenarios and as a way to fuel the fire between Horde and Alliance“All over social media, especially Twitter, I have seen some heated discussions between Horde and Alliance players over the outcome of Theramore. So in that regard, Blizzard succeeded in bringing some of the war back to World of Warcraft, stirring up the natives if you will. “
  • And Jaedia argues that as a preview of scenarios, Fall is a success“At the end of the day, this is not a pre-expansion event, it is a brief look at what scenarios will be like and at that it is successful.”

Tried Fall of Theramore yet? What did you think?