Everything Else: The Weekend Roundup

WoW’s still the sleeping giant as we wait for Mists and Pandas, which means the non-Guild Wars discussion happening right now is unusually diverse.

So, strap yourselves in for the last roundup of the weekend, as we go from SWTOR to LoTRO to WoW to Wurm…

  • Avatars of Steel writes a serious, intelligent post on the problem of tacitly tolerated bullying in Wurm Online“But be aware that (hmm from personal experience and very roughly) 75% of people you alert will do nothing, a hefty 15% will find a way it’s your fault not the perpetrator’s, 5% will join in and bully you too. Somewhere in the remaining 5% is salvation.”
  • Klepsacovic compares the reaction of WoW players in other MMOs to that of rude American tourists” “Why is the character screen called a hero screen? It should be C, not H. And why are bags I for inventory instead of B for bags?” They don’t like the responses, for any response suggests that another game could have sprung up and done things just as correctly yet not the same way.”
  • Shintar attempts to nail down just why she’s still enchanted by SWTOR“Many features that I like about it are available in similar or equal quantity and quality in other games. While it matters that the general flavour of the game, the setting and character design appeal to me big time, that’s not all there is to it. “
  • And Roger Edwards argues that the LoTRO community needs to get more angry about Turbine missing their release schedule“Here we had customers who had paid up front, thanking the suppliers for failing to meet their pre-arranged schedule. Why were they not irate and demanding some sort of compensation?”

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