EVE Online Players Work For The CIA! Plus Love for PvP and more

Glenn Beck, I thank you. Best. Headline. Evar.

Yes, it would appear that EVE has hit the political wires. Plus, a great argument in favour of World PvP, and more:

  • The Grumpy Elf delivers a surprisingly rousing recommendation for all of us to try some world PvP in WoW“Player vs player however is the exact opposite. It encourages the MMO aspect of the game. You see a group of people being attacked, you join in. You are getting attacked, people you never met come to help you. “
  • Scott Jennings brings us the news that – seriously – a major US television personality is claiming that EVE Online corp Goonswarm is a codeword for the CIA“Glenn Beck figures out the real story behind Sean Smith’s death: Goonswarm Is Literally The CIA.”
  • Spinks highlights a potential upcoming problem with MoP’s loot system – a severe lack of PUG tanks and healers“This new system means it would be pretty suboptimal of me to offer to tank instances while I’m trying to use them to gear up for raids; I would only get tanking drops.”
  • Rohan argues that WoW should never lose its combat res mechanics“Combat resses are a “catch-up mechanic”. These mechanics allow players to recover from a mistake and keep going. Without these mechanics, game outcomes have the potential to be unchangeable.”
  • And Jef Reahard gives us a really interesting look at Funcom’s history as he argues we shouldn’t worry about The Secret World closing“You know the rest of the story, though. The game continues to this day. It’s slated for a graphical overhaul, and while it’s not setting any population records, it’s beloved by many, and more importantly, it’s turning a profit for its parent company nearly 12 years after its maiden voyage.”

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