Deserted Islands, Shameless Magic

In amidst the fallout of Theramore, there’s still more discussion going on in the blogosphere. So here’s your Jaina-free post for the day!

  • Optimus Maleficus discusses the State of Guild Wars, focussing on three things: Event Scaling, money sinks, and the server model” Representing your guild off of its main server doesn’t help the entire group, as any influence you own goes to your server’s “chapter” of the guild. If there are no leaders or officers on your home server, that influence is a complete waste. By virtue of being a guild perk, the guild bank is also tied to the server it’s unlocked on.”
  • Matthew Rossi notes a small but interesting change to Azeroth seemingly as a consequence of Theramore.
  • Syl writes a fascinating post looking at why fantasy settings are so everpresent in MMORPGs“Even if it weren’t any of the above though, there still gotta be some very good other reasons why developers think the fantasy formula so safe. “It’s just lazyness” is insufficient an explanation. There’s an obvious, assumed risk so one must ask about its origins. “
  • And MMO Gamer Chick checks out the frankly disturbing appearance-change options in The Secret World“Then there’s the atmosphere, which sort of reminded me of Saw. As one of my guildies observed, the whole setting makes you kind of scared to even step in through the door.”

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