Controversy Watch – Cross-Realm Zones, Theramore, and GW2 Jumping

by on September 24, 2012

Cross-Realm Zones are attracting accolades and anger in equal measure, the aftermath of the Theramore scenario’s still rumbling, and Guild Wars 2 has its fair share of controversy thanks to its (overly hard?) jumping puzzles – the MMO world’s not quiet right now! So, here’s our weekly update on what’s getting everyone talking:

Cross-Realm Failings

Theramore, Garrosh, and the Tides of War

  • Rades writes a fascinating post explaining what he thinks is going on with Garrosh Hellscream’s sudden out-of-character personality shift“The Garrosh we see in Tides of War…is a very different Garrosh from who we’ve seen before. And not just in a “oh, he’s in a bad mood today” sort of different. He’s a completely different person.”
  • Erinys takes a stab at explaining how she would have designed a much better Theramore scenario“An event as momentous as the destruction of Theramore should be available to more than just those players at the level cap, therefore I would have made the first stages available to everyone of a level high enough to play in Dustwallow Marsh.”
  • And Saxsy looks further at the ways that the massive impact of Theramore’s fall is completely failing to be felt in the gameworld“When NPCs within the game do not react to those events, when they in effect collectively yawn at what is happening, what does that say to a player? It tells me that I’m an idiot for caring.”

Guild Wars 2′s jumping puzzles

  • Ocho defends Guild Wars 2′s jumping puzzles against their critics“So, wait, sometimes these games we play have a difficulty attached to them and need a little skill or hand-eye coordination to complete? Welcome to the gaming world! “

Any thoughts?

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J Cooper October 14, 2012 at 1:40 pm

Cross-Realm is still failing epicly and Blizz are determined to sweep the general dislike of this under the carpet, so to speak.

The first thread was locked at 546 pages 10914 posts, the second thread reached 663 pages with 13,251 posts, the third 26 pages 501 posts (as blizz now refuses to extend a thread’s limit on this subject) plus you have countless other threads which too have capped out at 26 pages long.

Surprisingly enough main stream gaming sites all seem to be avoiding CRZ entirely and the controversy they have caused which seems strange that none of them dare to mention this “feature” which is crippling, in many cases, players ability to enjoy a game they pay to play.


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