Controversy Watch – CoH, GW2 bans and GW2 Economy

Will City of Heroes survive? Is Guild Wars 2’s economy screwed?

It’s a busy time in the MMO world at the moment, and it’s not about to get quieter any time soon. So, here’s our roundup of the current Hot Topics in the land of MMOs…

The Battle For City of Heroes

The closure of City of Heroes provoked an unprecedented level of protest – but what will happen next?

  • Chris at Game By Night wonders what the next step will be if players actually manage to save the game“The fact is it is a lot easier to type your name or check a box than spend real money; there is no commitment beyond that “name” box. And when you’re trying to save a business, commitment and follow-through are the only things that matter.”
  • And Jeromai looks at the controversy from the point of view of someone who loved CoH, but is willing to see it go“If there is one MMO community that might fight closure successfully, it is definitely the CoH one. And it is extremely disrespectful of their efforts to tell them all-knowingly that it doesn’t matter. Because to them, it does. It doesn’t matter to you. That’s fine. Say that.”

Is The Guild Wars Economy Fried?

Several bloggers have been suggesting that there might be problems with Guild Wars 2’s economy – and one of them is presenting more evidence today:

  • Azuriel looks at the incentives for low-level crafting in Guild Wars 2, and concludes that they may present a systemic problem for the game“I have every incentive to start all eight crafting professions on all five of my character slots, and so does everyone else. Doing exactly that will continue to put huge Demand pressure on low-level mats, even if gold inflation raises prices across the board. “

Guild Wars 2 bans: Good Or Bad?

And Guild Wars 2 has also seen unprecedented – and much-applauded – use of the banhammer on rude or exploiting players.

  • Gary at Funsponge overviews what’s happened so far in Arenanet’s unusual and effective policies“There is also the argument this is what the profanity filter is for, but it’s important to distinguish between profanity and offensive language. You can easily offend someone without language that would cause a parent to cover a child’s ears. “

What do you think of this lot?