Controversy Watch: 25-man Raiding, Auction Houses and GW2 Trailer

Are Auction Houses a bad idea? What does Paragon’s move to 10-man raiding mean? And WTH was up with that trailer?

Yep, it continues to be a busy time in the MMORPG blogosphere – here’s our latest catch-up on what everyone’s talking about:

  • Syl stares in bafflement at’s apparent total surprise at how big GW2 has become” Did they not actually anticipate this game to break 1 million sales so early on? And what do we do with this information – make happy toasts to over-achievement or brood over all the implications and potential capacity issues yet to come?”
  • The Godmother believes that Paragon’s move from 25-man raiding to 10-man is less a Sign Of The Times, and more Paragon being a guild just like the rest of us“In other words, Paragon are JUST LIKE THE REST OF US. This has happened either before or after EVERY expansion in my memory: the only difference after seven years is the profile of the raiders, and the publicity that follows them”
  • Zellviren looks at what could be done to make 25-man raiding more attractive across the board“We want to promote 25-man raiding without making it mandatory, and do it in a way that doesn’t introduce more problems than it solves.”
  • And in light of the debate about GW2 economics and Auction Houses, Spinks looks at how changes in WoW crafting have affected its economic value“Every WoW player should try, at least once in their playing career, selling [Ice Cold Milk] on the Auction House during the Christmas Event where you can often get up to 1g per piece. You can buy it from a vendor in unlimited supplies for 25c (1.25s for 5 pieces) literally 5s walk away from the Auction House.”

What do you think? Is 25-man raiding doomed? Do, like the Cylons, have a Plan?